Closure of the Brython Blog

Brython Wheel black

Two years ago a small group of Brython members embarked on this blog project with the aims of developing our research into Brythonic polytheism past and present, building a calendar based around the seasons and festivals for individual deities, and sharing devotions, rites, prayers, poems etc. By doing this we aimed to increase the knowledge base for Brythonic polytheism and hoped to attract new contributors and members to Brython, potentially creating a devotional community.

Whilst we (four ‘core’ members: Lee Davies, Greg Hill, Lorna Smithers, and Potia Pitchford plus occasional guests) have succeeded in sharing new articles and devotional material and creating a calendar we’ve been disappointed by our failure to attract any new contributors. We’ve reached the conclusion this is because there are so few Brythonic polytheists and fewer are writers. Even though numerous people venerate the Brythonic deities they do so within more popular and well-established traditions such as Druidry, Wicca, and Witchcraft, rather than identifying as Brythonic polytheist.

So… we’ve decided to close this blog down. Most of the material has been moved to the Dun Brython website. We’ll still be maintaining the website as a repository of information on Brythonic polytheism, and adding to it as and when we’re inspired, so do drop by every so often. We’ll still be open to submissions through the Caer Feddwyd forum and this will remain open for discussions.

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