Notions of Devotion by Potia

Dictionary definitions of “Devotion” will say things like: “strong attachment (to) or affection (for a cause, person, etc) marked by dedicated loyalty” “religious zeal; piety” “religious observance or prayers” “profound dedication; consecration.” (All from According to the source information on the origins of the word go back to the ancient Latin giving meanings…


Matrona Gaul goddess alt Matrona with Child

Gogyfarch Vabon o arall vro
Call upon Mabon from the Other Realm

(Book of Taliesin : 38)

The Lord of the Waters III: *Neptonos

That asterisk stands out in the title. It is a philological notation to denote when a word, or in this case a name, is reconstructed. It means the word is not known from engravings or written sources, but that it is a theoretical word derived from the careful following of a breadcrumb trail back through…

Devotion to Belisama

Riga Belisama Most Shining Queen Most Mighty Queen know you are honoured when the sun shines on the water bringing river-light to our sacred valleys You can read more about Belisama, goddess of the river Ribble in Lancashire, HERE