Notions of Devotion by Potia

Dictionary definitions of “Devotion” will say things like: “strong attachment (to) or affection (for a cause, person, etc) marked by dedicated loyalty” “religious zeal; piety” “religious observance or prayers” “profound dedication; consecration.” (All from According to the source information on the origins of the word go back to the ancient Latin giving meanings…

Devotion to Belisama

Riga Belisama Most Shining Queen Most Mighty Queen know you are honoured when the sun shines on the water bringing river-light to our sacred valleys You can read more about Belisama, goddess of the river Ribble in Lancashire, HERE


Eponalia was celebrated on 18 December in the calendar of Roman Feast days. There is an inscription from Cis-alpine Gaul which counts back to this date from ‘New Year Calends’, seeming to suggest a sequence through the Midwinter period. One of the earliest observances developed by Brython was a placing of Eponalia in this context….