Matrona Gaul goddess alt Matrona with Child

Gogyfarch Vabon o arall vro
Call upon Mabon from the Other Realm

(Book of Taliesin : 38)

For Rigantona at Calan Mai

Rigantona, the gates of your world are open As are the blossoms on the boughs Scenting the air with Summer As you ride across the land. Rigantona, you are radiant in the dawn As sunlight on the morning dew. You are radiant at the middle-day As the Sun climbs higher in the sky. Rigantona, the…

Cernunnos and Flidais by Sheena McGrath

Flidais is still less well known than she should be, but Cernunnos, thanks in part to Wiccan theology, is a very famous god. It’s tempting to put them together as a Wiccan-style divine couple, but Flidais is Irish, while Cernunnos is a Gaulish god who is best known from art found in Paris and Rheims,…

‘What Blodeuwedd Never Said To Lleu’ by Megli

My skull which you cradle is a mossy nest of woven wood and feather-tangles. Behind my eyes storms a hive, bee-heat and bee-murmur – Do you feel it when you stroke your man’s thumbs on my eyelids? Bend for the silk of my kiss? Do you hear her, the queen in the cells of my…