A Call for Submissions

This coming year we want to focus on building up a body of devotional material focusing on the Brythonic Polytheist Traditions. We want to develop and enhance the existing devotional material , and enhance it with hymns to the Gods and Goddesses, chants, hymns and poetry to mark the changing year and the deities and spirits we honour at these times.

With that in mind, we are calling for submissions from the Polytheist communities. We would like devotional material of all sorts; Hymns, Poetry, Chants and Artwork.

These should be themed around the following;

  • The Brythonic deities and gwiddonod*
  • The cycle of seasons as laid out in our cyclical calendar (on the Brython website), specifically, focussing on those deities and gwiddonod appropriate for the seasons and specific festivals.


Submissions and queries can be made on the Caer Feddwyd forum, or via the contact form at the bottom of the homepage of the Dun Brython website.


* Gwiddonod is a term we have adopted for those other groups of spirits and beings that don’t fall comfortably under ‘deity’; spirits of place, the fae, giants and ancestors. The word ‘Gwiddon’ (plural ‘Gwiddonod’) is a word that is now a little archaic but has been used with the following range according to the University of Wales Dictionary: ‘giant, monster, wizard, woodland deity, satyr, nymph’. It was originally used particularly for the females of these species but later for both genders. 


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