The Wheel Turns


Just over a year ago a number of us had the idea to create a blog to get a better online presence and audience for Brythonic Polytheism. We aimed to do fortnightly posting (we just about managed it!) and to focus initially on the seasonal festivals; putting something out there into the world regarding those points in the turning year when we share some kind of common ground and mark the changing year with a sense of shared practice.

The core of us; Lorna, Greg and I, share some strong similarities in our practices; the times of the year we worship and the Gods and Goddesses to whom we make offerings or commune. The ways in which we do this vary, and our own personal/private practice tends to move towards being more disparate. I think the strength lies in those things we share and do that are the same, rather than that which differs between us, and I think perhaps that shared practice is perhaps what we could and should focus on in this blog in the coming year.

Part of what we have in mind for the coming year of posts stays true to this, in that we want to build on the body of material that could loosely be described as a ‘Brythonic Primer’; who are we we, what do we do and how do we do it.  So, we will have a number of posts and essays which will build on some material we have marked out as falling within this  category.

A second group of posting we hope to bring you will focus less on the ‘who we are and what we believe’, and more on the ‘what we do’. We want to bring together a shared body of Brythonic devotional material. We already  have some hymns to the Gods and Goddesses on the Brython website, but what we want to do is build on this more and work towards bringing together a body of material that not only works as stand alone hymns to our deities, but also can we worked into the mythic and yearly cycle of festivals and holy days. And so, create a larger body of material that can be shared and spread out to be used in a much broader polytheist community.

With this latter focus in mind, we will also be putting out a call for contributions towards this devotional material in the next few days.

Until then; thank you for being part of this blog, thank you for reading, for sharing and for commenting.


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  1. I love this blog and being a Sister of Avalon, I find the information pertinent to the path of celtic reconstructionism. Thank you for taking the time!

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    1. Lee says:


      thanks for saying so 🙂


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